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What innovation means
November 3, 2015 Mary Tang

What innovation means

babelens innovation

Perhaps the simplest way of trying to describe what innovation means to me is to create and discover new things. There is a story from Aesop’s fables which can show us what innovation means.

One stormy day, there was a poor man who went to a rich family to get food. “Get out” the servant said. The poor man said: “please let me go in and dry my clothes in your stove, that is the only thing I want to do”. The servant thought it cost nothing and let him in. After entering the house, he asked a female cook to give him a small pan to cook little stone soup. “Stone soup”. The female cook said. She wanted to see how can he make a stone soup, so she gave him a pan to cook. Then the poor man picked a stone and put it in the pan after cleaning the stone. “But you need to add little salt” the female cook said, then gave him some salt, then some peas, and some meat to cook. Certainly, you guess that the poor man will throw the stone out and drink the soup. What if the poor man said please gave me meat soup, the answer would be obvious. This is the power of creative thinking.

Today innovation is not solely the preserve of the inspired individual. Propelled by his or her genius and energy. I believe that if innovation is to have real impact then it needs to be inclusive, making space for both the bright spark of genius and the collective creativity of a wider team.

Everything is connected, technology is developing with astonishing speed, the bonds between business and stakeholders, between producer and consumer, is what allows innovation to flourish. Innovations don’t happen in a vacuum, they need a broader platform where different kinds of people with different skills, insights, personalities and sensibilities can collaborate and co-create.

That is why Titathink company’s designers and researchers designed Babelens camera. It has broken traditional camera technology and created many fashion functions such as nightlight and MP3.

babelens innovation

That sense of many parts marking the whole is central to what we understand by “meaningful” innovation. It’s based on a deep understanding of peoples’ needs and desires, not simply the desire to innovate for technology’s sake.

That is the challenge we set for ourselves every day at Titathink. We concentrate on creating the products which can meet customer’s needs and desires.

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