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Use a security camera to monitor your shop
July 19, 2016 Mary Tang

Use a security camera to monitor your shop

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Many owners of shops buy security cameras just for protecting their shops from theft. But sometimes the security camera plays an important role, let’s see what it is.

On a Saturday afternoon, I went to the shop downstairs to buy some ice cream and bread.

They cost me 20 RMB. Then I gave the boss of the shop 100 RMB, after he took my money, he did not want to give me change (perhaps he forgot how much money he received). So I demanded he give me back my change, but he refused and told me that I only give him 20RMB which made me angry and argued with him. Finally I saw there was a security camera and asked him to use the security camera video to tell him how much money I gave him. Thanks to the security camera, I got my change back.

Sometimes, you are busy with your work or a thinking of something else and make mistakes result in short-changed or give too much change to your customers. So you need a security camera to help you monitor money transactions.

We have many years sold security camera solutions, contact us and we will give you free consultation for your shops.

The benefits of installing security cameras for shops are as follows:

Reduce internal and external theft.

Review footage while offsite from mobile phone or tablet.

Deter shoppers and dishonest employees

Save time by viewing video in real-time from smart device

Help you monitor transactions and prevent theft

Some advice for security camera for installing in shops.

Make sure all areas are covered, and place fixed cameras in more sensitive areas like near cash registers and restricted merchandise

Place cameras near entrances and exits to ensure that you can record everyone who enters and exits your store.

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