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The traditional and modern things for home security
October 10, 2016 Mary Tang

The traditional and modern things for home security

Titahink Fence

In the old days, people who lived in a small country usually grew some vegetables in a small area in the back yard with bamboo fence to make the area safe. For the house, they kept a family dog to protect their homes safe. In the modern days, people still get fences for a few reasons: security, privacy, and aesthetics. And keep a family dog for keeping their homes secure and for companionship.

Here are some traditional and modern things that people usually use to protect their homes.


There are some different types of fences, the most notable fencing options are wood, chain link, wrought iron, aluminum, PVC, bamboo, etcs. Whatever fence style you choose, there will be options to fit your needs and preference.

People usually get fences for security, privacy and aesthetics. Some aesthetics won’t do as good job in keeping their home secure as others.

Make sure you get the right fence for your home security, you will want a fence that doesn’t provide a hiding space, can’t be climbed over, and easily bypassed, watch out for horizontal rails that can give burglars an actual way to move up the fencing. Make sure the underneath of the fence is secured, so burglars cannot get in the home from underneath.

Titathink-Wood fences

Family dogs

Dogs of specific breeds can be used for patrolling and grading private property, trained dogs can be a good way to keep your home and the perimeter safe. Their heightened sense of hearing, smell is like having a super hero at your disposal to ward off potential intruders.

But dogs cannot provide video monitoring, need to sleep, etc,. So we now have high technology—IP security cameras to protect your home.

Titathink-Dog-fence home secuirty

IP cameras

Many people have installed a home security system to protect the home.  It can precisely monitor entrances, detect motion and monitor 24 hours, you can use your phone, or computer to view your home anywhere, anytime.

Titathink TT730PW

If you are looking for a secuirty camera for your home, pleaes call us at +86 755 8602 0195 or email us We have many different IP caemras for you to choose and we are ready to give you the best safe  solution for your home.

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