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To give is happiness
August 16, 2016 Mary Tang

To give is happiness


I like playing the bamboo flute (DiZi in Chinese) and I have been playing it for some years but I don’t have too much time to practice it during working time, so I can only practice it on weekends.

On this Saturday morning (Aug 13th), I played the bamboo flute in the park around my place, and some people came to listen to my music, although most of them were old men and children

The first time I played in the park, I did not want to play the music just to please them because I wanted to take my time to practice it. But a woman walked up to me and said,” your music just healed my pain, can you play it again”, I said ”oh, thank you” then played the music again to heal her pain. When I saw there was happiness in her face when hearing my music, I suddenly felt happy also.

After I finished my music, some people came and talked to me, some people talked to me about bamboo flute knowledge, such as how to play it. I taught them patiently.

I am happy to give because I believe to give is better than to receive.

Maybe you could think of somebody you know who doesn’t live in a secure environment that really would be grateful for a Titathink security camera to give them for protection of their belongings.

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