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Babelens monitor

Keeps eyes on your baby

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Is everything safe and sound? Is the baby awake? With Titathink Babelens, you can watch your baby through your phone. It streams HD video live to your computer, phone or tablet. And sends you alerts when the camera detects a motion.

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1080P Night-light Baby Monitor BABELENS
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State of the art baby monitoring

Smart baby monitor always just a tap away.

  • Easy setup
  • Lullabies
  • Night vision
  • Zero interference
  • Night light
  • Wi-Fi
  • Double-layer security

High quality video & audio
Day and night

Unrivalled quality so you can see and hear everything in your baby’s room day and night.

Night vision

The night vision uses invisible infrared light so you can see clearly in complete darkness without disturbing your baby’s sleep.

Hi grandpa
grandma I can
hear you

Two way audio

Babelens built-in microphone and speaker, you can talk with your baby real-time.

Hi my little baby, we also can hear and watch you

Babelens is not only a camera, but also a Night-light

A Night-light is built inside Babelens. It can emit a soft white light and not affect the baby’s sleep.
Dispelling darkness for baby, manual control Night-light button On via APP.

Can play with…

Lullabies – Babelens offers a function to help you sing lullabies, in other words, the camera is not just a video recorder.
A built-in high quality speaker provides a soft volume for the baby, to help the baby sleep.

*If you want to play lullabies, you need to download some lullabies to the micro SD card. The lullabies should not exceed 8MB.
And manual control On/Off via APP.

The latest Wireless Wi-Fi N

Five time faster, twice the distance

The Babelens is fully compatible with the iOS and Android products you already own, whether you’re using an iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, listening to an iPod Touch or viewing on an iPad; BabeLens has you fully supported.

The Monitor allows you to connect and view your baby on multiple devices at once, so Mum and Dad can both get the view they want, from wherever they are in the household.

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Simple to use & Setup

Connect it seconds – easy as ABC!

When you buy a traditional baby monitor, it will always be the same; in a week, a month, a year. Nothing new, nothing changed. Babelens is different – it’s a constantly evolving product. We deliver software updates to the monitor directly through the App Store, giving you new features and new ways of connecting.

Love a feature? Tell us. Hate a feature? Tell us. We’re working with real parents, always refining & adding, so the Babelens monitor you love today will be even better tomorrow.

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