Available on January 20, 2018
Titathink Smart Storage Kit

Smart & Easy to use, Manage cameras with a powerful app

A kit includes:

A Smart Storage & Camera(s)*

BUY WITH $99 * The kit will include 1 to 4 cameras depending on different purchased options

Why need a Smart Storage Kit?

Protect your home with the world’s only motion-activated security cameras with a separate mini smart storage, so you can see multiple-pictures, hear and manage your cameras together with a simple app.

Separately placing, work together

Protect your home with this spearate smart storage kit. Cameras connect to the Smart Storage via WiFi, so you can place them in different places. Placing the smart storage indoor for storing recordings, placing the camera(s) outside for security monitoring. Not only does this way make installation simpler, but also does protect your recordings. Even the bad guys steals the camera away, you still have chances to catch them with the video proof stored in Smart Storage.

Smart Storage indoor

The Smart Storage has a mini size so that you can place it on the desktop or stick onto wall. All connection just needs a network cable.

Camera(s) outdoor

With a powerful CMOS chip, Smart Storage’s camera can provide you with clear and sharp 1080P video quality. It uses more advanced exposure mechanisms that allow you to monitor more details. Through the high-power infrared light, you can get clear and bright images both inside and outside of your house. Camera(s) is uniformly managed by Smart Storage, so you could browse video clips more easily.

Works like NVR, but simpler

Smart Storage centrally manages all connected cameras, including setup, recordings management, multi-viewing and more. It is exactly work like a NVR device, but it is more simple and easy to use, all operations only require a phone or table, no computer and expertise need.

Works like Cloud storage, but no monthly fee

Smart Storage plays the role of a local storage that centrally stores and manages those video clips which recorded by connected cameras, allowing you to quickly view live footage or manage all your videos thru the App. It completely emulates the working mechanism of the Cloud service, but you do not have to pay any extra fees

Powerful app “TTSMART”

You need a powerful and simple app to use Smart Storage, TTSMART is such an app. It’s a brand new app specifically designed for Smart Storage. Unlike other security App on the market, with TTSMART you can enjoy new experiences such as Live Multi-view, Easier Management Background, and more.

How it works?

See a brief of the working flow of the Smart Storage kit, learn more about how the kit works.

Meet the Smart Storage

Mini, Simple, Powerful

Connects to a Router/Modem

Before use, Smart Storage needs to be connected to an Internet router/modem through an Ethernet cable. This not only enables the ability of Smart Storage for communicating with the camera, but also allows you to access Smart Storage through your App, no matter where you are.

Unlimited capacity, up to 256Gb

Smart Storage comes with an external 16Gb MicroSD card, but the capacity of SD card which supported by Smart Storage is unlimited, you can plug any capacity of SD card your own, *The recommended speed of SD card is (Class4 or higher).

Easy to install
Plug and play,
Manage Camera(s) So Easy

Simply connect Smart Storage to a router with an Ethernet cable, next open TTSMART app to search the local network, you’re done. The process takes just 2 minutes.

Mini Size
Smart and Powerful, But Small

Imagine a palm-sized device that can smartly manage and store countless recordings, this is Smart Storage.

The Smart Storage Specification

Learn More
Meet Smart Storage’s Camera

See, Hear from Crystal-clear FHD video

Camera’s Main Features

Watch Over Your Entire Property With Powerful Camera

  • IP66 professional waterproof, weatherproof

    The camera’s body is made of aluminum alloy, the whole camera is in line with IP-66 waterproof standard to meet outdoor use regardless of rains.

  • -20 ~ +60°C anti-frozen

    With professional design, the camera can work in most of extreme weather, no matter exposing to sun or encountering snowy days, the camera can work properly.

  • Night vision

    With inbuilt infrared LEDs, the camera can cover a range area of 12 meters and provide excellent night vision.

  • Crystal-clear FHD video

    As the most important part of the camera’s properties, we attach great importance to video quality, so we selected a powerful CMOS Sensor for the camera, simultaneously we redesigned the exposure mechanism to ensure camera could provide sharp and bright 1080p quality.

  • Save video clips to Smart Storage

    As part of the Smart Storage Kit, all cameras need to have their recordings stored on a Smart Storage for unified management, which will greatly simplify your work when you need to find a particular recording.

  • Multiple-viewing on mobile device

    With the TTSMART app, you can create a scene and put cameras which need to be viewed at the same time for multi-screen viewing. That is just one feature of TTSMART, For more details, please see TTSMART section.

  • Works over Wi-Fi

    Camera works over Wi-Fi*
    The camera just works over 2.4Ghz band of Wi-Fi only, incompatible with 5Ghz.

  • Now you do not just look,
    you can also listen to

    The current version of the camera does support one-way audio only, you can clearly hear the sound of the surveillance area through the HD microphone.

Video Quality
Full HD 1080P Video Quality, Crystal-clear, Sharpness, Brightness

With a high quality COMS sensor, Smart Storage Cam has the most advanced motion sensors in home security. Its FHD 1080P video resolution and sharp picture will let you detect motion around corners and capture important details.

1080P FHD Image resolution
30 fps Up to 30 frames per second
12 meters Night-vision visible distance
Resolution 1920×1080 – Shooting through a glass to monitor indoor corridor.
Resolution 640×360 – Shooting a room in nightime.

See some snapshot samples

Snapshot 1080P.
1080P Snapshot a room in daytime.
1080P Snapshot a room in nightime.

Auto Exposure
Capture More Details With Advanced Auto Exposure

Better exposure adjustment means that the camera can capture more details, sensor used in Smart Storage’s camera uses a mechanism for better exposure, so that it can effectively control the exposure parameters to avoid overexposure.

The snapshot from Smart Storage’s Camera.
The above is cutted out from the original image

The Camera Specification

Learn More

Meet The New Powerful App,
Tons of Features

TTSMART is a brand new APP designed for Smart Storage that runs on phone and table. With the new design, it looks simpler and more functional. It offers a variety of new and useful features including scene creation, multiview viewing, playback timeshift, and a brand new alarm mechanism. More use of a number of measures to protect your privacy and security. Everything TTSMART has been carefully designed to look good and enjoyable.

  • Alarms

    Email alarm, App pushing alarm

  • Multiple Viewing

    Multiple Viewing on phone

  • Simple, Responsive quickly

    App runs with most of phones

  • Timeline in Playback

    Save time to view the recording

  • Update Camera’s Firmware online

    Simply update camera’s firmware via app,
    no longer need the computer

  • Get alarm video when receives an alert

    No need to browse video catelog anymore, alarm equals to video

  • Can know if anyone invaded your camera

    App will list the online user,
    so you can know if your camera is invaded or not

  • Pattern Password Protection

    With the pattern password,
    no one except you can use the app

  • Available on iOS and Android

    Download app directly from App Store and Google Play Store

Multiple Viewing
Create A Scene, Multiple Viewing Your Cameras On Phone

Easy to Use
Simple interface,
Powerful and easy to use features,

Playback more intuitive, easier to find video

All Motions stored in Smart Storage can be played back via app. With video thumbnail and time search, you can find the video you want faster.

Quickly preview the current camera

With the powerful P2P platform, you can simply click on a button and quickly preview selected cameras to see what’s happening in the surveillance area.

Customize your motion window, monitoring where you want

You can change the motion detection window size and position to set up a separate window for a particular area. When anything happens, you can receive alerts at the first time.

At a glance, know the rest of capacity

All cameras store motion events onto the Smart Storage. With the TTSMART APP, you can easily know which cameras recorded how many videos and what the remaining capacity is.

Straightforward operating instructions

TTSMART provides a concise Wizard that allows you to simply add your cameras to Smart Storage by following those steps no need any changes or expertise.

Share your camera to friends

You can share the camera to your loved ones or friends, and each other need only open TTSMART and scan the QR code to get the access license of camera.

Purchase Smart Storage Kit

*The Smart Storage Kit has four purchased options, different option will have different number of camera.

*Please DON’T place Smart Storage unit near to any areas where rain or have water due to its body is non-waterproof design.

The night vision distance of Titathink Smart Storage Cam belongs to estimated value, but will refer you to the distance for the actual distance.