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The reasons why you need a nanny camera
June 27, 2016 Mary Tang

The reasons why you need a nanny camera

We have probably seen some videos on TV or our social media that expose how the rogue nanny treats children or elderly people. It’s necessary that you have a nanny camera if you have to hire a nanny to watch your child or elderly people. Do you want to check if your partner is faithful to you? Are you concerned about your child being exposed to smoking? Do you believe that there is inappropriate adult behavior being displayed in front of your children? If you have suspicions of any of these types of activities going on, you should certainly consider installing a nanny camera.

Before you buy the nanny camera.

According to the US Federal Law, nanny cameras or hidden cameras may legally record in public areas of a residence but cannot record audio. However, nanny cameras recording may not take place in areas that are considered to be private. The bedroom of a live-in nanny and all of the bathrooms in the home would certainly be off limits. In the event that you plan to install a camera that has sound, you have to notify the nanny of its existence.

The reasons why the nanny security camera is a necessity for you if you have to hire someone to watch your child or elderly person


Kids always like crying when you cannot meet their wants. They also want to some naughty things. Can you imagine how your nanny treats your kids when they know there is no camera watching. Knowing that there is a nanny camera watching the house will give you mind at ease.


There are many parents who hire babysitters and nannies to watch their children and upon their return home, valuable items are missing. Yet it can be difficult to prove that the person they hired had anything to do with it. Having a nanny camera available can change this.

Precious Moments

If you are a parent who works endless hours, it is common to miss milestones in your child’s life. You may not be present to watch your little one take their first step or the first word they speak. It’s nice to know that you can see it for yourself instead of hearing the good news from others.

There are numerous reasons for parents to install cameras. Tiathink spy nanny camera is small with high resolutions digital image sensor, simple to operate, easy to install. It’s the best nanny camera for you to keep your child or older person safe and protect your values and catch missed moments.

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