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New product 3 axis handheld stabilizing Gimbal
June 12, 2016 Mary Tang

New product 3 axis handheld stabilizing Gimbal

Titathink iSteady Gimbal

Meet our new product—iSteady: 3 axis handheld stabilizing Gimbal

Form an image in your mind. A city, awoken from its slumber, so ancient, it’s as if you’ve traveled through time itself. A waterfall cascades down the cliff from the hills behind when you hike a big mountain. Now think, who possibly could have acquired such footage? A veteran nature photographer? What if the creator of the footage was you?  That’s why Titathink has launched its first 3 axis handled stabilizing Gimbal for your smart phone for taking stabilized and nice photographs and filming.

Titathink scenery


It is anti-shaking, when you walk or run in a park or on a beach and want to take stabilized photographs or take beautiful videos by yourself. With the iSteady and you will not miss any scenery. It also has automatic face recognition function, when you travel around with your family and take videos or photographs for your cute kid, the iSteady can smart auto-tracking shooting wherever your kid go.


The iSteady is a small electronic stabilizer. The functions are more than its appearance, the fine craft and comfortable grip make for pleasant feeling. It’s perfect industrial design. The whole body frame is made by CNC technology. Simplicity appearance with delicate structure. You will enjoy pleasant and convenient operation anytime, anywhere.

Titathink iSteady Gimbal

iSteady can control your phone to take a photograph, record a video with an App called “Gimbal Engine”, you can download it from App Store or Google Play.

Four-way joystick with stepless rotational speed control, You can adjust the angel to capture the perfect scenes at will.

Titathink 4  way way joystick


3 high-performance motors provide a stable and gentle axis.

Titatthink iSteady

For the product more details, please visit our website at

If you have any further questions about this product, please contact Titathink support center or email us

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