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Meet our new security spy camera 1080P TT525PW with Sony sensor
April 11, 2017 Mary Tang

Meet our new security spy camera 1080P TT525PW with Sony sensor

Titathink 1080P hidden ip camera

Recently, many customers asked us, ”When does your new camera TT525PW release on your website?”, which made us both happy and sorry. The happy one is that our products are getting better and most of our customers respect and trust Titathink. The sorry one is that we feel sorry that we kept our customers who are interested in our soon to be introduced products waiting longer than we would have liked.

Comparing our other spy cameras, this camera is much more clear videos and images because it has 1080p resolutions, and it has a microphone in the camera, so you don’t need to buy any microphones for the camera. Even though it doesn’t have infrared light, you can see a clear image under the low light. Its IP 67 capability allows it to work outside.

Here are the two demo videos of the camera to show you the quality of the camera.

Night time video of TT525PW

Day time video of TT525PW

Thanks for your patience, everyone. For more detailed about the new product, please Visit our website

The camera has already been released on our Amazon store and you can buy from here

For our company’s online store, you can buy from here

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