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A lot can happen when you are not there.
March 30, 2017 Mary Tang

A lot can happen when you are not there.

Mt Rainier park

Last year we moved to a new house nearby the American River next to the William Douglas wilderness area which is not too far from Mt Rainier. We wanted to know what’s going on ahead of time before we got home. We also hid a key in a secret place so that others could use the place. I installed a few Titatink outdoor security cameras to see what comes and goes.

So far, I have found a lot things happen caught by the security camera, I have caught the neighbors taking fire wood and trying to get into our cabin. Strangers trying to break in as well as some cats, birds and deer and authorized visitors. Hunters were stealing my fire wood.

I visited the neighbors and they apologized and explained that their guests were using their cabin because they thought the fire wood was theirs. And the strangers were their guests and they just were curious about my house and looking into the windows. They could be right as they didn’t try to force their way in. They asked how I knew this and I told them through my security cameras.

I also went to the place where the hunters live. I told them that I was not pleased that they took firewood without permission. Then one of the guys said that their group mistakenly grabbed firewood out of my shed and would replace it, which they did.

The deer show up once a while in the middle of the night. We were excited to see little birds hatching and then the entire progression of the family until they finally left the nest. We were enthralled and watched the nest many times a day.
I am amazed at how much use this place gets by family members and some friends. Friends show up to see if we are there. Family members show up and use the place.

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