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Keep calm and enjoy your life
July 6, 2017 Mary Tang

Keep calm and enjoy your life

When I was young, I’d listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs…. One of the best classic pop music songs still lingers in my mind. I am missing the old days where I listened to radio, read newspapers. It made me feel good.

But nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, radios, newspapers are becoming not so popular. Many people think that there will be no more newspapers and radios in the future because everyone will get their news over Internet and it’s convenient to search information on Internet. Few people, especially younger people, would like to take time to read newspapers and books in the library and listen to the radio. They work and live under pressure. Sometimes they cannot stay in peace reading and listening.   They spend most of the time on screens, such as phones, computers, TVs etc. If they turn all the devices off, they miss out on everything.

I really hoped it would never disappear. I was the one who did not like reading in the library and listening to the radio also. But since this year our company has been developing a new IP camera with a Bluetooth,  a radio  and clock camera features called TT532PRO and our testing people play the radio everyday to test the camera. I listened to the radio and my favorite songs and programs. It reminded me of the past and I felt like going back to school again. Every moment was so nice and touching. Then I decided to find my past life feelings, I went to the library to read and listened to the radio, everything feels so good in my body and mind. I really hope you too can relax and do something you find enjoyable.

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