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Happy Halloween
October 31, 2015 Mary Tang

Happy Halloween

Happy halloween

Different point of view, different halloween. In here, I want to talk about the Halloween with chinese eyes.

Halloween party reminds me of the TV series “Friends”. The Season 8, Episode 6, the one with the Halloween Party.
Monica and Chandler are having a costume party for Halloween. Phoebe bumps into Ursula who is getting married in a week and invites her return for Ursula’s invitation for the wedding. Phoebe really likes Ursula’s fiance’s Eric. Eric and Ursula only met two weeks earlier and Phoebe finds out that Ursula told Eric a lot of lies about herself. Phoebe tells him the truth about Ursula while Rachel is trying to be good with children by handing out candy and money after the candy is gone. For Ursula tells lies about herself to Eric, I have something to say that honesty is one of the best qualities of human beings.  Many people do not want to tell the truth, they talk with people they do not have and show people not what they are. If you don’t show your natural and true, you will not get a real and true friend when you really need help.  I myself sometimes tell the untrue things to my friends which is not good for me and I am trying to change myself and show who I am and what I should be.

On the Halloween evening, people wear horrible masks or make up scared faces to celebrate the holiday. Sometimes, human’s soul is the same as the horrible mask. Finally, i hope people can show themselves to be true and natural.

Halloween party Games.

Let’s get back to the topic. Kids love “trick or treating” while many adults don’t want to spend out hundreds of dollars to give out candy to the neighborhood hordes. Luckily, if you want to have a safer, cheaper Halloween without losing any fun, the answer is the ever-popular Halloween party. If you want to have one of your own this year you will need decoration, food, and some great Halloween party games. There are plenty of traditional games you can use. If you search “Halloween games” on the internet, you will find many games to use.

Halloween games

Traditional Halloween Party Games For Any Age Group

For as long as there have been Halloween Party Games, there has been Bobbing for Apples. This can be fun, if not very sanitary. Another option to this game is to tie the apple stems to strings and suspend them from a doorframe or other high and secure location (a clothesline if you’re outdoors) and then have people try to bite the apple while it swings wildly. It’s a fun time – and you don’t have to share saliva! (Did that just give you a little Halloween chill up the spine?)

Don’t forget the best part, Scary Stories, told around a bonfire (or fireplace, or heck, just a candle) that will send all the party guests off to pleasant nightmares!

For the people who will not be able to join the live party and don’t want to miss the party, so sharing the photograph and video will be a interactive thing. You can capture the picture with your phone, even you can use a Security Camera to watch everything on your smart phone. We have the camera promotion during the holiday, please visit Titathink Promotion Activities to get more information.

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If you get some great ideas for some new games, please share with us. Have a Happy Halloween!

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