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How to give protect your home with Spy camera?
September 20, 2017 Sherry Yuang

How to give protect your home with Spy camera?



To make your house or office extremely safe and secure from the crime or criminals you must go for the hidden cams.

In recent times, to take an initiative of stopping the crimes the internet protocol camera has been used. More or less, this has gained a huge popularity amongst people because of its excellent features and functions. But along with only stop crime, one can see also it for any other purpose.


Overview of the product

The Spy camera is incredibly convenient and useful for your house as well as the office but as a matter of fact choosing the right one is paramount. So, whenever going to buy any of the hidden or security cams, you have to be extremely alert and careful.

Hidden cameras are typically camouflaged as some ordinary objects in the environment of the home or business. Different kinds of hidden cams exist, and a huge section of those are designed uniquely for certain situations, although most are planned to go well with all environments. This type of cam can be either wireless or wired. The wired cam is associated with a storage machine, whereas the wireless transmits the ultimate recording to the receiver within the small radius.

Titathink TT522PW-PRO wireless hidden camera

These are considered of immense help in safety, protection, and even investigations. They are often used by the law enforcement as well as even in the business environments to offer evidence of misconduct or theft.

Features of the cams

The hidden cam provides myriads of features, which are the key part of the cam such as:

HD 1080p Resolution like 1920 x 1080

  • 1/3″ CMOS Sensor
  • AHD or CCTV Camera Format
  • The zero Light Infrared and night vision
  • 24 pieces of LEDs
  • Built in Audio observation Mic
  • 3.7mm Pinhole Lens or even 90 Degree Field of View

 pixel size

Why is it the best choice?

Having ample of features like alarm notification, the resolution it is considered as one of the amazing choices for your house and office. The ability to email or text message certain notifications are right under-used feature accessible in most NVR and DVRs in the recent marketplace. This precise ability to alert you through email or text along with hard drive failures, video loss, etc. actually can allow the practical service of the significant video security system. But if you are extremely novice and do not have such idea about the cams you can easily go for some online portals like titathink- Spy camera. It will assist you in possibly accomplishing all your doubts.

Titathink 1080P hidden ip camera

Knowing about their shipping services

The ultimate traits of the free shipping policy, as well as technical aid for the lifetime, make this e-store of titathink a renowned name in the recent world of automated camcorders. Along with its 14 days no-strings money return policy as well as the guarantee of the free equipment over all the products that they have for one year, titathink is the ultimate place for you to pursue your IP camera. So, when you are actually thinking to opt for any of the reliable e-stores that provides some effective and efficient surveillance always go for titathink.

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