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Gas Station Security Cameras
August 12, 2016 Mary Tang

Gas Station Security Cameras

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It’s important to be aware of the gas station environment hazards. Gasoline is highly explosive, and can be very dangerous if proper safety precautions are not followed. We should not only follow the safety tips (No smoking, don’t leave engine running, be alert etc) for preventing fires at gas stations but also use security cameras to prevent gas stations and gas station convenience stores because they are easy to be a target for crime and theft. Titathink security cameras will help you to protect your gas station from theft and other damage.

Many gas stations have been using security cameras for ages, some of them may be old systems with coaxial cable, store to DVR, not like model IP security cameras, all you have to do is mount the cameras with WiFi range, no power tools or coaxial cable necessary.

Here are some advantages of Titathink security cameras for your Gas station

Easy to install—Titathink IP cameras not like the old cameras, they are easy to install.

Prevent theft—Prominently displayed security cameras near your register and above gas pumps can prevent theft or other accidents.

Remote monitoring–You can use a phone or a computer to watch camera videos, if you use a NVR device, you can add all your cameras to the NVR and monitor everywhere around your gas station.

High resolution—Titathink’s IP cameras are higher resolution and have longer distanced than other cameras.

Improve image—Our IP cameras can help reassure your customers that your gas station is safe and increase your business.

Things need to be considered before buying IP cameras. Such as what kind of security camera do you currently have in place? How much storage do you need for your security cameras? Is there anything you wish you could have caught on camera in the past year? Do you want security cameras to have night vision capabilities.

For anyone who wishing to purchase a security camera, contact us and we will offer you a professional team and a variety of surveillance equipment for you to ensure your gas station is safe.

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