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My father’s fish pond
November 17, 2017 Mary Tang

My father’s fish pond

Titathink--My father's fish pond

My dad is an honest, hardworking and straight guy. He is always interested in learning new different things and knowledge.  He raised silkworms and made few silk quilts when his children were little to make his family warm in winter. At first time, he did not want to make money by raising silkworms, but soon later, as many villagers liked silk quilt and they asked my father to raise more silkworms, then he did and made some money from it.

After 4 years later, he stopped raising silkworms to grow vegetables to sell. As time goes on, he is getting older and older. He couldn’t do many overload physical work, so he built a natural fish pond to keep fishes. Since then, he started his fish keeping career. He kept different fishes such as grass carp. Crucian etc in the pond. It attracts many people from city come here go fishing to relax their life.  And my father charges them per hour.

Last year, a tragedy thing happened after my father had a acrimonious quarrel with his neighbor, one third fish were poisoned which made him lost his consciousnesses and went to his neighbor and had a big fight with the neighbor, but the neighbor refused to commit poisoning my father’s fish and we had no evidence to make sure it’s the neighbor did this thing. My father couldn’t do anything except anger and pain.

In order to make my father happier,  I bought some outdoor security cameras and installed around the entrance of the pond. So my father doesn’t need to go the pond physically so often, he can stays at home and uses his phone to monitor his pond. He can also use the camera to make a video clip to send to the police if it needs. This really makes a peace of mind to him.

I also bought some underwater cameras from titathink online store and put them under the water to monitor the water quality and fishes’ health status.

Now he is happy and satisfies with these cameras. He complimented that I am a good daughter of him.

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