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My car got scratched
March 6, 2017 Mary Tang

My car got scratched

Titathink my car

Three months ago I came home from my office and noticed my car which I park outside my house was scratched by kids, it was a slight problem, so I forgot it and took it to a paint shop and had them fix it. But after few days, the kids came back again and scratched my car again and wrote some bad words. These were new scratches. I am not one to become mad, but I was disappointed. So I called the police and reported the incident, but i couldn’t give them any other information. The police couldn’t help me a lot, which made me angry. So I planned to buy a security camera to monitor my car, I searched for security cameras on the Internet, I found there was a good company called Tiitathink, which is a professional security camera company and selling good products, so I bought one outdoor security from the online store.

It is a good security camera and the video is great. A few days later, I knew who did the scratches on my car so I called the police again and sent them the footage from my camera and the police told the kids not to come my place and not to do the scratches again.
We got this story from our a new customer.

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