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WiFi Hidden Cameras

It’s A Perfect Time To Buy A WiFi Hidden Cameras To Protect Your Home

The homes stay protected at all times thanks to the new age cameras. They come with a plethora of features when you buy the right brand. Any crime statistics will show you that the numbers of robberies are increasing by the day. The alarming fact in this is that most of these robberies take place in the urban and suburban…

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Outdoor secuirty camera--Titathnk

A thief was arrested after he “saluted” to the security camera.

Few days ago, the public security bureau captured a criminal suspect, li Yang, who had committed many burglar cases. He was arrested because he intentionally saluted to a security camera after the robbery to provoke the police. After seeing the videos from a security camera, the police identified and arrested him in a few days. On January 8 at 1:am,…

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The best IP camera

Enjoy Great Deals on Best IP Cameras

IP cameras give a sense of security and safety to its owners. This device is becoming more and more relevant as crimes are steadily rising. Choosing the Right form of Security Camera There are many forms of Security Cams available on the market. One always needs to take into consideration the surrounding areas, size of their house, the location of…

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Security Cameras In Classrooms

Why Is It Necessary To Put Hidden Security Cameras In Classrooms?

It is imperative to have cameras installed in classrooms to ensure that the children and the teachers stayed safe and protected from all threats. This is the reason why growing number of schools are going for it. In the modern world, security is one of the top priorities in all places. In all places, right from government buildings to residential…

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Outdoor waterproof cam

How Can A Outdoor Waterproof Cam Secure Your Pub in the Night Of 31st?

If you want to check the security of your pub thoroughly then you must install this security gadget outside your pub. Last day of the year is of fun and enjoyment. With live music programmes and party in the pubs, all the night people get crazy. But many times it has been seen that accidents occur which according to the…

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Hidden Security Cameras for Christmas

Are Hidden Security Cameras the best gift items for Christmas?

These security items during the Christmas are the best gift that you can offer to anyone. Just before the year ends Christmas, the most significant celebration arrives. People provide different gifts in this festival to other people. But the fact is that gift supplied in this festival is for temporary use. If you want to give the best Christmas gift,…

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Titathink Merry Christmas

Keep safe, save money with Titathink home security cameras on Christmas day.

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, because Santa is coming to town. He will come and bring presents to good children at Christmas. So be good, children. Have your kids seen this man before?  If you invite a Santa to your home, you can use your home IP security cameras to catch the moment…

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Titathink Smart Storage Kit Package 4

What will you do if your security camera or SD card stolen?

A security camera is a great way to secure your home and business. But there are some thefts, and vandals would like to destroy your cameras and steal SD cards from cameras before they steal valuable things from your home. Here are some stories about the SD cards or cameras stolen that we got from some of our customers and…

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Nanny Hidden Camera

Why Should You Need The Nanny Camera Than Other Camcorders?

Parents who are working in the office needs to take care of their child in every single minute. These Polaroid’s will help them in providing the information that has been their need in every single moment or hour according to the adjustment that has been provided during installation. Security camcorders are one of the essential things that every family man…

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Titathink--My father's fish pond

My father’s fish pond

My dad is an honest, hardworking and straight guy. He is always interested in learning new different things and knowledge.  He raised silkworms and made few silk quilts when his children were little to make his family warm in winter. At first time, he did not want to make money by raising silkworms, but soon later, as many villagers liked silk quilt and they…

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Installing IP Camera

What Is The Process You Must Follow In Installing Wireless IP Camera?

Summary: Unlike the other people you are advised that does not try to fix the security systems by your own. What you can do is to talk to the experts of the company and place the camera according to the plan so that you can get overall protection from the unwanted hazards. Providing security to your house is what the camcorders…

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Titathink new location

We’ve moved to a New Office because we are expanding

With the development of business, we are excited to announce that our company has moved to a new location nearby in Bao’an. The new spacious premises, along with more convenient location and more beautiful environment, will enable us to provide better service for our customers and to make visits even more comfortable.  We spent the previous 4 years in our…

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Ensure Best of Security for Your Domicile by the Wireless IP camera

Summary: Are you looking for the deftest kind of vigil that will aptly guarantee your residence’s wholesome safeguard? Pursue the exquisite Wireless Internet Protocol camcorder which assures perfection of watchfulness. Every other day, you come across the news of home burglaries and forced entries at edifices. You ponder about if you and your abode are secured enough or not. Your…

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Titathink--Trust, but verfiy

Trust, but verify.

When we trust people, we will talk everything to them. We will help them when they need any help. We even let them do work without verification. And we believe that we will return the trust. Do we believe that? Yes, we do. But do we doubt about it? Yes, we also do. So according to the famous proverb: “Trust,…

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Wifi Hidden Cameras banner

Protect Your House with the Efficient Wifi Hidden Cameras

When you are actually going to keep your eye on the office or homes, then installing some cams will be your great assistance. If you are seeking for the way to deliver the house or even office along with the higher level of security and safety, you may consider buying the wireless safety cam as well as using them throughout…

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How to give protect your home with Spy camera?

Summary: To make your house or office extremely safe and secure from the crime or criminals you must go for the hidden cams. In recent times, to take an initiative of stopping the crimes the internet protocol camera has been used. More or less, this has gained a huge popularity amongst people because of its excellent features and functions. But…

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Outdoor waterproof camera

Why Outdoor Waterproof Camera is the Best Choice for Home?

In recent times, people always think for the security of their house and office and that is why they opt for external surveillance. The external Polaroid has become an important stuff in recent times to secure your house as well as the office from crimes. But a random purchasing of this surveillance is the not the utter solution, knowing the…

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Titathink-Business travel

Safety home and away

When you travel around the world for business or travelling, it’s important to be safe. While the majority of people you will meet when traveling are sure to be friendly and welcoming, there are dangers—theft being the most common. Just as in your home country, don’t expect everyone you meet to be friendly helpful. It is important to prepare for…

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tt525 banner

Wireless IP camera: An advanced technology Camera to protect your home

Summary: These are the latest invention of the modern technology that has been helping people to take care of their rooms and other things without their presence.   Protecting the family from all type of hazards is what we are worried about. But there is a little option in our hands to save our family from the outside hazards. Gone…

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1080p Security Camera

Choose only the best 1080p Security Camera for the safety of your home

Summary: You should choose only those things that will help you in getting the full security for your family. In this matter, price does not matter. Choosing a smart phone is nowadays easy to us. We all know what to choose and what not to. It is crystal clear to us that which device provides us what and which not.…

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Titathink--secure your home safe

Best home security camera to keep your home secure this summer

The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. Summer is a good time for family to go out for summer vacation, is also a great time to open your house up to your garden and deck…

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mounting hardware of tt520pw

Home security camera—Titathink WiFi hidden spy cameras

Hidden cameras and mini spy cameras are increasingly becoming popular for use in home security. It’s not just to detect burglars, watch how your nanny treats your kids or elderly people, attend your children not doing some inappropriate things at their age or to look after your lovely pets and home. But also to keep a close watch on your partner who…

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Wireless IP camera will protect your home when you are not present

Summary: These are the latest invention of the modern technology that has been helping people to take care of their rooms and other things without their presence. Protecting the family from all type of hazards is what we are worried about. But there is little option in our hands to save our family from the outside hazards. Gone are those…

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Keep calm and enjoy your life

When I was young, I’d listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite songs…. One of the best classic pop music songs still lingers in my mind. I am missing the old days where I listened to radio, read newspapers. It made me feel good. But nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, radios, newspapers are becoming not…

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Titathink-International language training school

Should I buy more security systems?

Recently, We were asked some questions by a customer who was looking for some security cameras for his family’s school. Here is a story from him: My family owns a language training school in the outskirts of the city where there are lots of the same schools around here. So obviously there are lots of competitors. But my family is…

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Does the hidden wireless camera prevent crime? Yes! Discover how?

A couple of eras ago, a popular television show Candid Camera popularized a hidden camera only by tricking people into acting and then informing those people that they were being recorded. And that custom is still available in the 21st Century. But as a matter of fact, those hidden cameras have evolved into a robust and powerful device for protecting…

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a lovely cat--titathink

Are you scared by yourself?

I am a coward and afraid of some scary things, such as ghosts, snakes and big wolfs etc. Last night it rained heavy and I was awoken about 3:00am by the heavy rain. About 20 minutes later, I heard a dog barking madly for ages, then I heard steps outside my window and I was freaking out and put my head into the quilt. Many imaginations of…

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Titathink-protect your cabin

Protect your cabin with Titathink camera

Summer holiday is coming and many people want to spend their time to go to the beach or the mountain resort for summer holiday. You are happy that people will stay in your cabins. No matter whether your cabin is private or for customers, it’s your responsibility to make it safe. Here is a story from one of our customers. Our cabin was broken into twice in the…

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World best Spy Camera – Titathink TT531WN-PRO of 2017

Firstly, We want to thank Andrija Barbaric who comes from Wonder List company, which is a dedicated videos to present top lists from around the world in a variety of categories. He made such a great video for Titathink TT531WN-PRO. He has tested nearly a dozen different spy cameras and researched a whole host of others to find the best spy…

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Take care of your lovely turtles using Titathink underwater security camera

Since we launched our camera TT522PW camera, we have received many emails from our customers that they liked the camera, which made us very pleased. Some customers bought the camera for monitoring their pets underwater like fish, turtles,etc. We would like to thank George for sharing us his videos of his lovely turtles by using his Titathink TT522PW and TT525PW cameras.…

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Titathink security_cameras more secure

More secure than ever

Rent or own, we all want to know our homes are secure while we’re gone. That used to mean signing on with a professional and pricey security company. Now all we need is a Titathink video surveillance camera. As our parents are getting older and they need us to accompany them and talk to them often. Now all we need…

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losing your job is not the end of the world

He was afraid he was going to lose his biggest client, and his job. So he let her yell at him repeatedly. His boss also yelled at him many times and he did not argue because he was afraid he would fire him. He was unhappy at his job but did not have guts to quit his job because he had…

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titathink firmware updated

New firmware released

The new firmware for Titathink IP camera has been released, the version number is V637 and V639N. Click here to download the newest firmware.

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Observing birds using Titathink cameras

Ever since we launched Titathink security cameras, we have heard that different customers use their cameras for different purposes. Some customers use Titathink TT522PW as a pond camera and monitor their turtles underwater, some use the TT830G cameras to check the water level on a daily basis in a canyon, some outdoor cameras for wild animals in the garden, some…

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Titathink--Protect your home

Love your home, protect your home

We all love our home, our family. We make our home more beautiful and more comfortable. But sometimes we don’t pay attention to our home safety. We leave home without closing our doors or windows. We put our keys outside doors. All these things are small and easy to do. But we don’t often do them. Recently, you probably read…

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Titathink 1080P hidden ip camera

Meet our new security spy camera 1080P TT525PW with Sony sensor

Recently, many customers asked us, ”When does your new camera TT525PW release on your website?”, which made us both happy and sorry. The happy one is that our products are getting better and most of our customers respect and trust Titathink. The sorry one is that we feel sorry that we kept our customers who are interested in our soon…

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Mt Rainier park

A lot can happen when you are not there.

Last year we moved to a new house nearby the American River next to the William Douglas wilderness area which is not too far from Mt Rainier. We wanted to know what’s going on ahead of time before we got home. We also hid a key in a secret place so that others could use the place. I installed a…

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Titathink TT531W-PRO

Titathink:2/10 top spy camera of 2017

We are so pleased that two of our spy security cameras TT531W-PRO spy clock IP camera and TT520W-PRO spy cameras are in the 10 top spy camera 2017 list. The TT531W-PRO has night vision settings, two-way audio intercom, motion detection. It is a reasonable price plus free SD card, easy to setup to your phone. The Lizive app is convenient.…

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Titathink-Spring security

More Security in Spring Season

Flowers are blooming in the garden, the baby animals start to grow and Spring is in the air. It’s 7:50 a.m, and you know that the hours from 8 a.m to 5 p.m are the best time for you to go about your work. Since it’s spring, it’s even more likely that families will be out and about to enjoy…

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Titathink my car

My car got scratched

Three months ago I came home from my office and noticed my car which I park outside my house was scratched by kids, it was a slight problem, so I forgot it and took it to a paint shop and had them fix it. But after few days, the kids came back again and scratched my car again and wrote…

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How many surveillance cameras are there in the world?

Many who are associated to the world of video surveillance might be interested in knowing the number of video surveillance cameras serving in the world. Based on some historical camera shipments and the predicted life spans of these devices, the count is estimated to be 245 million video surveillance cameras installed globally in 2014. Additionally, the demand for higher megapixel…

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Titathink TT525PW

We want to give you our protection for Valentine’ day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and Titathink wishes all of you to be with the one that makes you happy. Valentine’s day is a time for a fun and a romantic night with your significant one or friend, or even treating yourself. Be wary though, as burglars are cunning, knowing that so many people have plans for romantic dates…

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Top 10 nanny camera Wiki

TT520PW is awarded as TOP 10 NANNY CAMS 2016 by Wiki

A great privilege, Titathink TT520PW Wireless hidden IP camera is awarded as TOP 10 Nanny cameras in 2016 by Ezvid Wiki. The article link: Learn more about TT520PW, please view Get it from Get it from Here are some backgrounds about Ezvid Wiki: Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki was the world’s first video wiki,…

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Titathink IP clock camera

What are the best gifts for your parents?

We all love our parents and turn to them when we’re in need. We are so busy growing up; we often forget they are also growing old. Some elderly parents who need to be cared for live home alone away from their children’s home. So we need to take good care of them more carefully.  We are looking for different…

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Titathink Merry Christmas

A secret Christmas party

Merry Christmas to all of our customers.  Here we would like to share a Christmas story from one of our customers. Two years ago, my family moved to a new house and I installed a Titathink Security camera in my house to protect my house. As it’s a clock IP camera, which looks like an alarm clock, nobody will notice it. I…

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Titathink reduced prices for Christmas Holiday

Titahink reduced all prices to be your Christmas and make your Christmas a happy one.

As Christmas Holiday day is coming again, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. To celebrate the holiday, we reduced the prices of all our products to customers. One of the lowest prices such as TT520PW, we changed from USD $169 to $139.  Hurry and decide which camera you want. Buy quickly so your cameras can be installed…

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Titathink new version firmware

Important notice (new firmware V616 and V627 has been released)

We have released new firmware V616 and V627 which has fixed some problems and added some functions in the link below: This firmware has fixed some bugs and added new important functions, So we highly recommend you download it to upgrade your camera. Before you get started upgrading the new firmware V61B. Please read following articles firstly. >> How to check…

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Can you guess what the boss did for his employee when he knew his employee stole some food from his company?

We would like to share one of our customers James story here. I have been working for a supermarket for one year and recently I found a food area where security cameras that cannot be monitored disappeared, which made my boss very angry and he held a meeting to solve the problem. I suddenly found a small spy security camera from Titathink company from the…

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Tiathink security camera

Should I Use a Dummy Security Camera?

In recent years the home security space has gotten rather crowded. You might have looked at all your options, and felt a little tired by the amount of choices. You may got some information that It’s a good idea to buy a dummy security camera, it’s a little excited at the strategy you get to implement in beating a burglar…

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Some Websites you can follow on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to get the best deals

Black Friday is one of the most exciting shopping days of the year, even if you aren’t a shopaholic in the first place. Some people are waiting for the day to shop for what they want. On that day, it’s going to be a busy day, shop stores need to buy more security cameras to monitor every corner to see…

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New arrival product, TT900WK kit 720P 4-Channel NVR system with 4 Wireless IP Cameras

Are you still looking for a security surveillance system to monitor your home? Are you still looking for a security surveillance system that contains everything you need to secure your home and business? If so, our new product TT900WK kit is the right product for you. Titathink’s TT900WK kit product is high definition Wireless IP Security system that adopts the latest advances in IP camera technology. The NVR…

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Titathink-Security camera for government

Security cameras for Government

Government offices, buildings, schools, police offices, prisons, cities, and parks are very important landmarks across the world and hold both real and symbolic value. They may face additional threats from terrorism, protest groups, inmates and the mentally unbalanced that most businesses never have to face. Installing a high quality security camera can keep your building, employees and records safe. Titathink…

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Titathink-Halloween Pumpkin

Have a safe and happy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, everyone wants to have a safe and happy Halloween for themselves. Their guests, especially their children. Using safety tips and some common sense can help you make the most of your Halloween season. Here are some safety tips: 1, Wear flame retardant costumes and make sure the costume is colored so the drivers drive…

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Keep your security camera safe from Hacker

Twitter, Tumblr, Amazon, Netflix, Raddit, Airbnb and some other famous websites are among the websites interrupted or unreachable after web technology provider Dynamic Network Services Inc, said its domain name system was subject to denial-of-service attacks on Friday morning, said Dyn Inc in Oct 21, 2016. The red areas where the websites were attacked Dyn, headquartered in New Hampshire, said…

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Security cameras deter children’s lies

Last year, we sold some outdoor and indoor security cameras to a kindergarten. Recently we got a story about the security camera in the kindergarten from one of the teachers’ of the kindergarten. Let’s take a look. Today is Daniel’s birthday, last night his father talked to me and wanted to celebrate his birthday in our kindergarten school and spend…

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Titahink Fence

The traditional and modern things for home security

In the old days, people who lived in a small country usually grew some vegetables in a small area in the back yard with bamboo fence to make the area safe. For the house, they kept a family dog to protect their homes safe. In the modern days, people still get fences for a few reasons: security, privacy, and aesthetics.…

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Titathink-New Home

The most expensive things ever stolen from your home.

A burglar will find an open door or window, or just uses brute force to enter your house to steal your property, the valuable stuff such as an expensive painting, an antique or your money. But here are some most expensive things the theft will never ever steal from you home. 1, The harmonious atmosphere family A harmonious family is…

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A good reputation brings more opportunities

It’s well known to us that a good name can bring us more opportunities. Whether in life or business. We all need a good fame and favor to win the goodwill of others. In our last blog we wrote about the winner who won the Babelens was Francis, and we sent the Babelens to him and we got his feedback…

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Why choose Security cameras from Titathink

I have been working for Titathink company for almost one year and I have experienced and learned a lot in the past time. The most impressive thing I found is that Titathink values high quality and best service, as well as focusing on doing innovation. We have different new surveillance camera products to meet different customers requirements. Titathink is a…

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Titathink-Home security camera

Where to place home security cameras

When it comes to the safety to of your home, you cannot to be to careful. The important to ask yourself some tough questions, for example, one critically important question to ask yourself is  where do you think you need security camera? If your security cameras are placed in the wrong areas, you may not be as protected as you…

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New HD WiFi clock Spy Camera

Clock or spy camera? Actually, it’s an HD WiFi spy clock camera. It’s our new spy camera. Say hello to our new spy camera. It has two night versions, one is standard night vision, the other is enhanced night vision. Titathink new clock spy camera is much more easier to operate than other cameras, and you don’t need to install it, you can…

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Security camera for Storage and Warehouse

We probably have seen some companies’ warehouse were stolen in a night or their company’s employees stolen their company’s warehouse materials or machines, so it’s vital to have warehouse and storage security cameras for your warehouse and storage. Warehouse and storage facilities are ideal candidates for security systems, with a large number of goods spread across lots of square footage,…

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Babelens positive feedback

We would like to hear from one of our customers that she is really appreciate our Babelens. Let’s look at what she says: “It’s not easy being a mom. My 9 months old girl cries everyday about everything! I love her, she is my life, but she drives me crazy sometimes. Last weekend, my parents came and visited me for…

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To give is happiness

I like playing the bamboo flute (DiZi in Chinese) and I have been playing it for some years but I don’t have too much time to practice it during working time, so I can only practice it on weekends. On this Saturday morning (Aug 13th), I played the bamboo flute in the park around my place, and some people came…

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Tiathink-gas station

Gas Station Security Cameras

It’s important to be aware of the gas station environment hazards. Gasoline is highly explosive, and can be very dangerous if proper safety precautions are not followed. We should not only follow the safety tips (No smoking, don’t leave engine running, be alert etc) for preventing fires at gas stations but also use security cameras to prevent gas stations and…

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Titathink dog home alone

Dog at home alone

Every pet owner has had the difficult decision of what to do with his or her pet when they are out or a long day at work, or just a day at the beach. The perfect solution is to have a family member or trusted friend come into your home and care for your dog in your absence. But sometimes…

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We would love to hear from you what’s happening with your security cameras

Ever since we launched Titathink security cameras, we have heard that different customers use their cameras for different purposes. Some customers use Titathink TT522PW as a pond camera and monitor their turtles underwater, some use the TT830G cameras to check the water level on a daily basis in a canyon, some outdoor cameras for wild animals in the garden, Some…

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Titathink school

Video Surveillance for Education

Keeping all students and staff safe is a primary concern for school today. Unfortunately, some schools are not doing very well for the their school’s safety problem, they don’t have any security devices to protect their schools, students and teachers, especially in remote primary schools. Maintaining tight security in school settings is of utmost importance to ensure the safety of…

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Titathink bar

Security cameras for your bar and restaurant

There are many bars and restaurants around us, those kinds of places sometimes are not safe because there are many different kinds of people going there for different purposes.  So having security cameras in your bar and restaurant is crucial. Because you never know what happens next during your business, some customers will skip out on restaurants without paying the bill,…

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Titathink Babelens

And the winner is….

Now it is Summer and many parents want to spend their favorite vacation spot. Whether that be Rome, Fiji, or a simpler stay local vacation There is one thing making you reconsider your gateway this year—your new little one at home. We wish every parent has little baby had Babelens monitor, So we placed a post about Babelens on Facebook and…

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Titathink shop

Use a security camera to monitor your shop

Many owners of shops buy security cameras just for protecting their shops from theft. But sometimes the security camera plays an important role, let’s see what it is. On a Saturday afternoon, I went to the shop downstairs to buy some ice cream and bread. They cost me 20 RMB. Then I gave the boss of the shop 100 RMB,…

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Titahink a real home

A real home

What is a real home? A roof to keep out the rain? Floors to keep out the cold? A security camera to keep your family safe? Yes,  but home is more than that. It is the laugh of a baby, the song of a mother, the strength of a father, warmth of loving hearts, lights from happy eyes, kindness, loyalty,…

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Titahink outdoor camera

Purchasing an Outdoor Security Camera

Whether your home, business, organization, school, farm, hospital, park, street, etc., wireless outdoor security cameras give you a security option that is portable, flexible, and affordable. They are easy to install without the user being a trained professional. There are many options that provide night vision capabilities, POE (Power over Ethernet) features. There are a wide variety of outdoor security…

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Titathink Video surevillance for construction

Security Cameras for your construction site.

living in a big city, we probably suffer from construction sites noise nearby our buildings. But we understand that noise because construction workers work hard to make the city more beautiful and convenient. We respect them and also care about their safety. We all have seen that “Safety comes first” sign in the Construction sites. Construction sites face a wide…

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Titahink Nanny camera

10 Best Nanny Cams in 2016

If you are looking for a nanny camera, here are the 10 best nanny cameras from ViKi video for your reference. We are so glad that our company’s product TT520PW is in the top Best Nanny camera list. Give yourself a little extra peace of mind when leaving your precious one in someone else’s care with one of these high tech…

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Titathink Farmer

Increase farm safety and health with Video Surveillance

Security is incredibly important for farms and other agricultural environments. Video surveillance can not only help ensure farm operations run smoothly but also let customers watch the food is safe or not. So what is healthy and safe food? Healthy and safe foods are produced according to certain production standards. For crops, it means they were grown without the use…

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The reasons why you need a nanny camera

We have probably seen some videos on TV or our social media that expose how the rogue nanny treats children or elderly people. It’s necessary that you have a nanny camera if you have to hire a nanny to watch your child or elderly people. Do you want to check if your partner is faithful to you? Are you concerned about your…

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Titathink summer holiday

Enjoy your summer holiday while we take care of your home.

Now it is summer, many families enjoy taking time away from home to enjoy the summer vacation. To make you have peace of mind and a good time on your holiday, we’ve created a list of quick, easy and affordable holiday security tips for you. Check it out! 1, Get to know your neighbors. Good neighbors can be your greatest…

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Titathink My father's back

A special gift to you for Father’s day

Every year around this time, everyone asks themselves a serious of questions: What do I want to give to my father for Father’s day. Titathink is here to send a special gift to you for Father’s day. That’s an essay about “My father’s back”, it is a very famous Chinese works written by Zhu Ziqing. Hope you will be moved after…

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Titathink iSteady Gimbal

New product 3 axis handheld stabilizing Gimbal

Meet our new product—iSteady: 3 axis handheld stabilizing Gimbal Form an image in your mind. A city, awoken from its slumber, so ancient, it’s as if you’ve traveled through time itself. A waterfall cascades down the cliff from the hills behind when you hike a big mountain. Now think, who possibly could have acquired such footage? A veteran nature photographer? What if…

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Titathink--frame rate

Surveillance Video Frame Rate

Want to compare different Frame Rates IP camera videos? The IP cameras and recorders can be configured to record and stream video at various frame rates according to your requirements. The following IP surveillance videos demonstrate various recorded video frame rates so that customers can see examples.  All of the below videos were captured using the Titathink TT730LPW. The original resolution that…

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Honesty is the best policy

Just as the famous saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy”. It is true that most of us value honesty highly. Here I want to share a story about  honesty. When George was about six years old, he was made the wealthy master of a hatchet of which, like most little boys, he was extremely fond. He went about chopping everything…

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Titathink-customer support

Customer Service

At its most basic level, customer service is an organization’s ability to supply their customers’ wants and needs. We heard a lot that people bought some products from some big brand companies, but their customer services are so bad that they don’t care if they lose some customers. Titathink is a small company and we commit to continually strive to provide the…

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How to Hide Titathink concealable camera

Security cameras have become a part of everyday life, and most people are accustomed to seeing outdoor cameras on streets, in parking lots, in the park, school walls and at entrances to housing developments.  Many manufacturers are trying their best to design different shapes of cameras while reducing the price of the cameras. As the competitive prices in the camera…

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The best IP camera for monitoring your baby

We should have heard people who are not married or married but without kids say that they may not need to use such an IP baby camera to monitor their babies if they have babies. But when they got married with kids, they will be glad to buy a good camera for monitoring their babies. We made an investigation about…

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Mother’s day gifts ideas

Mother’s Day is coming. What will you give your mother?  Do you need some mother’s day gift ideas? Mother’s day is celebrating honoring the mother of family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world. It is impossible to remember but if you get…

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Titathink Home sweet home

Home sweet home

On a Saturday morning, my family got together and had a big meal at home. After eating lunch, my two elder sisters were playing their bamboo flute Herders new song, my young brother was sweeping his floor and my parents were watching TV. I couldn’t decide if it was the warm mug of tea cupped in my hands or the…

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Best Nanny Cam Complete Guide

We are very pleased to get voted from PricenFees that our products, Titathink TT520PW was ranked 2nd in their complete guide of the best nanny cams. We extract some paragraphs beneath from the original article. The full article can be found here: Best Nanny Camera Reviews. Titathink TT520PW Review Right out of the box you’ll notice just how small and discrete this nanny…

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Night Vision Security Cameras.

A night vision Device is an optoelectronic device that allows images to be produced in levels of light approaching total darkness. The devices were first used in World War II, and came into wide use during the Vietnam War. The technology has evolved greatly since their introduction, leading to several “generations” of night vision equipment with performance increasing and price…

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Titathink home security

8 ways to make your home more secure.

One question that I got asked by our customers is that how to make home more secure? We all know to lock our doors, shut our windows, and look through the peephole before opening the front door, but what else can we do to make our homes safer? Here are some tips on making your home your castle. 1. Hold…

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Titathink Wireless Hidden IP Camera

Titathink Hidden cameras

Nowadays many hidden cameras are designed by different manufacturers in different shapes  such as a pen, radio, mineral water bottle  etc. No one will notice these kinds of cameras. Hidden cameras are used for household surveillance and also used commercially and industrially as security cameras. The proliferation and lower costs of video recording devices has led to an increase in the use of…

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Titathink new version firmware

Titathink new firmware V6.01B & Anyscene 2.0.9 version

Titathink new firmware V6.01B is now available! This firmware has fixed some bugs and added new important function to repair the false alarms. So we recommend you download it then upgrade your camera. Before you get started upgrading the new firmware V6.01B. Please read following articles firstly. >> How to check the firmware version of camera >> How to upgrade…

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Lambing season

Spring has returned. The earth is like a child that knows poems. What a nice season, the weather is getting warmer and warmer. The flowers are coming out. How beautiful the word is. It’s also the best lambing season in the UK. Look at those lovely lambs and many kids and adults love them. Using Titathink outdoor waterproof wireless IP…

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Seeing is not believing

Seeing is not believing

We all have heard a famous saying, “Seeing is believing”, which reminds us what you hear about maybe false, but what you see is true. It’s widely accepted by our common sense so that people rarely doubt it, however, sometimes, “Seeing is not always believing”. A chopstick is straight, but when you put it into water, due to the refraction…

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Happy New Year 2016

Welcome to new year 2016

2015 has past and it has been a great year for us. Our surveillance cameras are making home more thoughtful. They are keeping families safe, bringing peace of mind. With the help of our workers and the support of our customers, Titathink is getting bigger and better. Titathink security cameras are designed to help you look your home and family,…

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Titathink merry Christmas

Merry Christmas & Last-Minute Deals

Christmas time is here, Titathink wishes your Christmas be filled with special moments, warmth, peace and happiness, and wishing you all the joys of Christmas and a year of happiness. 2015 has almost past and new year 2016 is coming soon, we are thankful our customers supported us in the past years and we will improve our services and products…

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Babelens for baby

Christmas gift for your baby

Hello, here is the biggest chance to buy a Christmas gift for your baby, with Babelens, you can listen to your baby, talk to your baby and watch your baby. This is the kind of present your baby will appreciate. It can memorize baby’s every movements and keep it as memoir for your baby. Christmas is a very special holiday…

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Santa Claus and Titathink cameras

Please switch your IP camera off when Santa Claus brings Christmas gifts to your kids.

We all love Santa Claus, he is a kind and generous old man. Santa is a figure with legendary, historical and folkloric origins who, in many Western cultures, is said to bring gifts to the homes of good, Christian children on 24 December evening. Santa Claus is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white-bearded man-sometimes with spectacles—wearing a red coat…

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fare reduction

Reduced prices for Christmas holiday start from Dec 9

Reduced prices for Christmas holiday start from Dec 9, 2015. Winter is here and Christmas is coming. Even though outside it is cold and in some places is snowing, people are still joyful to purchase some gifts for the holiday. Titathink is here to say “Merry Christmas” to you. Wish you and your family have a Merry X’mas and Happy…

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Home house

Enjoy views of your home remotely

Titathink invites you to enjoy views of your beautiful home remotely with the Babelens & IP camera TT522PW. Home means a lot of things to a lot of people–comfortable, safety, warmth, a place you can always come to. But it also means inspiration. The origin of this phrase from a poem “If Home is Where The Heart is…” by John…

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