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A new usage review of TT520PW from Ryan
July 25, 2015 Titathink Team

A new usage review of TT520PW from Ryan

tt520pw product review

A new usage review came from Ryan. Ryan is an user come from US, he purchased a TT520PW camera from titathink store. We ask for his approval to share his usage review, hope this review could be helpful for more people as reference.

Ryan said:

I purchased this camera on their website for my office for business needs. It is amazing and specifically the product of choice that meets my desire. From the time I took it out if the box, it was easy to install and use enabling me to get right to work knowing that my office was under surveillance. The app works great over 3G, 4G and wifi. I am writing this detailed review to share my experience in hopes it can help anyone who gets one understand that they made an excellent choice.

The camera contains two important units. One is main unit and the other is sensor unit. The main unit is a little square (rectangular) box. It includes the mainboard, wifi, interface and power. The sensor unit consists of a smaller pinhole lens and an 8 meter cable. Both units cannot work independently. The sensor unit’s cable must plug in the main unit, and the main unit must connect with the power adapter forming a circular connectivity functioning alliance.

As stated earlier, installation is easy. I placed the main unit near the wall socket, and the sensor unit wherever I wanted to place it. This was because the cables are up to 8 meters in length, providing extensive flexibility to allow me to position the sensor unit at my place of choice. The camera comes with two types of brackets for the sensor. It makes for a simple installation on the wall or on the peep-holes.

With me not being a “techy” person, allow me to be the first to speak on its ease of maneuvering. There was no confusion during setup. I literally followed the instructions and it only took me 5 minutes to setup. Once you set the camera up, hook up the system to your wifi, download the app to your phone from the app store, then use the app to scan the a QR code to add it. It is a true “Plug and Play” experience.

I found the camera’s image quality to be pretty good. It was sharp and clear with good contrast. Since the camera is small, it cannot integrate the IR night vision. Therefore, if you want to use in a low illumination setting, I do not recommend it.

Due to federal law, hidden cameras are not allowed to add microphone in them. But in the main unit there is a audio line-in RCA connector for an external sound monitor pick up device. On that note, in order to hear the guys, I purchased a sound monitoring device and connect to main unit’s RCA jack. It worked great, and I can hear the men’s conversation.

There are no cloud services and everything resides on a mini SD card which must be purchased separately. I purchased an 32G (gig) class10 mini SD card and inserted it to record video and motion events. It worked well and I can even play back video on the SD card from my phone.

When I was not in my office, I opened the motion detection indicator, and it is great. As people are coming into my office, the app will receive notification and the camera can record the picture snapshot and video to the SD card of their entry. As I said earlier in so many ways, it is very convenient.


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